PamGro's Unique Way of Appreciating Your Support

Earn an Additional £50 for each referral

We are happy to introduce PamGro’s Partnership Program

Here is a chance to earn while helping others discover the benefits of working with PamGro.

When your referral signs up with us, both you and your referral will receive a £50 bonus as a token of appreciation.


How It Works?

Ready to recommend a friend? Follow the process bellow to receive your reward.

Refer A Candidate

Refer a candidate to PamGro, have them email our team expressing their intent to join our company, and CC you.

Connect with the contractor

We reach out to the candidate to confirm interest and share preliminary details.

Exploring the Fee Structure

We share a detailed illustration of the fee with the contractor.

Structure Calculations

Structure and net take-home calculations basis the gross rate they share.

Onboarding Process

Once the contractor agrees, we facilitate seamless onboarding and enroll them in our umbrella company.

Get Rewarded

You receive your referral bonus once the candidate you referred receives their first-month payment.

Terms & Condition

  • The employee referring should be on our payroll on the date of referral as well as the date of payout of the referral bonus.
  • The referral bonus will be paid along with the salary which follows 7 days after the 1st salary payment of the referred candidate is processed.
  • Referral bonus is a one-time payment of £50 for every successful reference.
  • In order to be eligible for the reference bonus, the referred candidate should not have worked with PamGro/Avance Business Solutions for the past year.
  • The referral bonus payment is completely based on the discretion of  PamGro/Avance Business Solutions and PamGro/Avance Business Solution should not be held liable under any law for any discrepancies observed at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently availing payroll service from Avance Business Solutions, can I become an ambassador and start referring candidates?

Yes, if you are currently working with us, you can start referring candidates to us.

When will I receive my referral bonus?

You will receive the referral bonus along with the salary which follows after 7days of successful processing of 1st month salary of the referred candidate.

I am currently working in UK, can I refer a candidate in Poland?

Yes, you can refer a candidate anywhere across the world. The reference bonus will be subject the successful engagement of the referred candidate with us.

Can I refer more than 1 candidate?

Yes, you can refer as many candidates as you can, you will receive £50 for each successfully referred candidate.

What is a successful reference?

When you refer a candidate and the candidate end up availing the umbrella services from us and gets his 1 month salary processed is considered as a successful reference.

Do I get referral bonus for every successful reference?

You get referral bonus for every successful reference as long as you are still employed by us. You will not receive a reference bonus if the 1st salary of the contractor is processed after the completion of contract with us.

Will I get my reference bonus if my project is terminated before the 1st salary processing of my referred candidate?

No, since your termination will occur before the reference becomes successful, you won’t be eligible for the reference bonus.

Will I get a reference bonus if the candidate wanted to join PamGro to avail umbrella service but he is not able to join due to some restrictions from PamGro?

No, you will not receive the referral bonus if the engagement with the referred candidate is not successful irrespective of the reason of failed engagement.