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When your referral signs up with us, you and your referral will receive £50 each.
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Earn up to £100* for each referral

Here is an opportunity to earn while helping others discover the benefits of employment with PamGro.

By referring contractors, you’re not just helping your network find great opportunities but also earning rewards for your trust in us.

When your referral signs up with us, you and your referral will receive £50 each. For successful referrals beyond three, the referrer will receive £100 per referral. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected professional community.


How It Works?

Ready to refer a friend? Follow the process below to receive your reward

1. Refer A Candidate

Refer a candidate, have them fill out the form on this page expressing their intent to choose PAMGO as EOR.

2. Onboarding Process

Once the referred friend matches our criteria and agrees to join us, we will facilitate a seamless onboarding.

3. Get Rewarded

We will facilitate your and your friend's referral fees after the completion of 1 month of payroll with us. Easy isn’t it?

Gross & Net Pay Calculator

Calculate your take home pay per paycheck after taking into account Tax, Insurance, Pension and Payroll process cuts.

What Service Can I Share?

Employer of Record

  • Global hiring made simple, without the need for establishing a local entity.
  • Benefit from a competitive benefits package tailored to each country, designed to attract and retain top talent effectively.
  • Expand Globally with locally compliant Global Expansion Experts and Dedicated Relationship Managers.
  • Global onboarding & management: Streamline hiring, paperwork, and oversight for international contractors.
  • Local currency payments: Ensure timely, compliant compensation in contractors’ preferred currencies worldwide.
  • SIPP & insurance via PamGro: Offer retirement savings and coverage options to attract and retain top talent.

Join Hundreds of Successful Referrers

Join Hundreds of Successful Referrers

I have enjoyed the services so far from my experience and the availability of an assigned relationship manager is a good one for me.
Olayinka John
Their dedication to customer satisfaction is commendable. The support team is knowledgeable and responsive, providing timely assistance and valuable guidance to users. This level of support is a testament to their understanding of the critical nature of payroll services.
Manoj Veetil
I am incredibly grateful to Iffath, Rajeev, Prshant, and Sindhu for their invaluable support in securing a contract for me. Their professionalism, expertise and dedication exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable and result-oriented partners.
Talha Ijaz

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer myself?

No. You can only refer new customers who have not yet signed up with PamGro; self-referrals are not allowed.

What is the referral payout slab?

We have a referral payout slab where successful referrals up to 3 get you £50, and for more than 4 referrals, you receive £100.

Is the payout amount cumulative?

No, the payout is based on the number of successful referrals. For up to 3 successful referrals, you receive £50. For more than 4, you receive £100.

When will I receive my referral bonus?

You will receive the referral bonus along with the salary which follows after 7days of successful processing of 1st month salary of the referred candidate.

I am currently working in UK, can I refer a candidate in Poland?

Yes, you can refer a candidate anywhere across the world. The referral bonus will be subject the successful engagement of the referred candidate with us.

Can I refer more than 1 candidate?

Yes, you can refer as many candidates as you can, you will receive £50 for each successfully referred candidate.

What is a successful referral?

When you refer a candidate and the candidate end up availing the umbrella services from us and gets his 1 month salary processed is considered as a successful referral.

Will I get a referral bonus if the candidate wanted to join PamGro to avail umbrella service but he is not able to join due to some restrictions from PamGro?

No, you will not receive the referral bonus if the engagement with the referred candidate is not successful irrespective of the reason of failed engagement.

Do I need a referral code?

No, only your email ID is required.

Do I need to be affiliated with PamGro in any form or shape?

No, you can refer your friends to PamGro without the need to use any PamGro services yourself.