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PamGro empowers hundreds of contractors and recruiters to create an ecosystem in countries where they don't have any legal claim.

    Trusted By Industry Leaders

    Why Partner with PamGro?

    Partner with PamGro to make Global Hiring effortless for your clients

    Our expertise offers the chance to expand market reach while saving costs and time on international employment challenges.

    Trusted by 400+ Startups and Corporates across the world.
    We are present across 45+ Countries with an In-Market Regional Resource managing on-ground compliance.
    Get Up to $100/£100/€100 for every contractor conversion .
    We’ll equip your team with the powerful support of both our people and our portfolio, as well as access to our marketing assets.
    Collaborate on joint marketing campaigns to boost brand visibility and reach.

    Why do your clients need a reliable Payroll Partner?

    We’ll help your clients manage risk, create new revenue opportunities, and establish a foothold anywhere in the world. In a matter of days.
    Our solution eliminates the need for clients to navigate labor laws or set up costly foreign business entities when hiring abroad.
    We are fully compliant, be it SNA accreditation for Netherlands or AUG accreditation for Germany, Your clients can hire without any
    Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day.

    How It Works?

    1. Sign up

    Fill in a few basic details. You'll be registered as an affiliate for us.
    Promote the marketing materials/ Write blog posts/ Do cold email campaign. It all comes down to getting the word out by telling people how our EOR service can help them.
    When your lead becomes a paying customer you will get the commission. Get a whopping $3000 commission for every referral through your link.

    17 Years of Experience, has taught us a lotttttt of things


    Who we partner with?

    • Accounting Firms
    • Domestic PEOs
    • Private Equity & Venture Capital
    • Legal Firms
    • Recruiting Firms
    • Payroll Providers

    Accounting Firms Provide a Full Service Global Expansion Service

    Empower your clients to achieve global growth, faster than ever before. Our all-in-one solution covers payroll, benefits, taxes, and HR infrastructure, allowing them to dedicate their energy to growing beyond borders and boundaries.

    Domestic PEOsMake international hiring easy for your clients.

    No entity? No problem. Offer clients and prospects added value as they grow into new markets. With G-P, your clients can hire anyone, anywhere in the world — we will take care of the Legal Compliances, Visa, Immigration, Background Verification, Candidate Screening, Insurance etc

    Private Equity & Venture CapitalAccelerate value creation for your portfolio.

    Empower your portfolio companies/Startups to boldly venture into new markets, hire international talent. We cut you a margin on every successful conversion.

    Legal FirmsEnsure global compliance for your clients.

    Unlock your clients’ potential to recruit from every corner of the globe — within days — minus the hassle of establishing a legal entity. Assume the risks while propelling your clients toward accelerated success on the global stage.

    Recruiting Firms Offer a complete global hiring solution.

    You’ve located the perfect candidate for your clients, but the journey doesn’t end there. Give your clients power to hire anyone, anywhere in the world — we’ll lay the foundation with our compliant employment contracts and HR, legal, tax, and payroll infrastructure.

    Payroll ProvidersPut a global team on payroll.

    Picture your clients spotting their next international recruits or contractors. Transform their vision into reality by granting them access to an all-encompassing global payroll solution — we’ll shoulder the HR, finance, tax, and legal headaches.