Umbrella Solution

Enjoy Compliant & Cost Effective Payroll Solution

How Do Umbrella Companies Work?
An umbrella company like PamGro provides the most hassle-free way for contractors to get paid.

We provide Employment, run the payroll with the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) model, and take care of all the statuary compliances like taxation, Holiday pay, Insurance, benefits etc., so you donโ€™t have to worry about any unexpected tax bills!

Whether you are an existing contractor or new to contracting, reach out for more insights on PamGro since we might be the best option for you!

Fixed Term Employment:ย We also Provide Fixed Term Employment with a Designated end date of the employment contract


Why Count on PamGro?

Take control of your contracting career with PamGro, the umbrella company that ensures you always stay compliant
Relationship Manager
Relationship Manager
Fexible Pension
Referral Program
Salary Sacrifice
30Mn Liability Insurance

01Ease of Process

Our streamlined process, handled by Relationship Managers, removes the complexity of managing timesheets, expenses, and payroll, so you can focus on your work and maximize productivity.

02Regulatory Compliance

Our professional team ensures you meet all your tax and national insurance responsibilities to avoid any potential legal complications or unexpected tax bills.

03Equal Employment Rights

Pamgro believes in fairness for all our contractors. We ensure you are given the same employment rights and benefits as permanent employees, enhancing your job security and satisfaction.

Join Our Clan of Contractors

Experience Payrolling like Never Before.

Navigating Your Contractor Onboarding Journey

Experience seamless onboarding with PamGro's dedicated Relationship Manager

Enquire - RM shares overview of PamGro Services

RM introduces you to Payroll Manager

Who Shares you the illustration

RM Facilitates Onboarding

You share timesheet

RM take care of the rest

Ensures your payments are on Time

RM Ensures continuous engagement